Nový server přichází...

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    • Nový server přichází...

      Milé hráči,

      máme pro vás úžasnou novinku!Nový server přichází a bude to skvělé!

      Konečně máme pro vás vlastní verzi speciálního eventového serveru, se tejným eventovým programem a s trvale spuštěným Eventem duší.
      Nový server bude spuštěn po údržbě, ve středu 17.července 2019.

      Navíc vám 100% bonus zkušeností na dva týdny po spuštění zajistí perfektní start na novém serveru!

      Více informací sdělíme průběžne, potkáme se na novém serveru.

      Váš Metin2 Team

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      New Server, new name: Rubinum

      Dear Community,

      as you are already aware we managed to land a decisive blow against p-servers during the last couple of weeks.
      As a sign that we won’t back down in the fight against illegal p-server we have decided to rename all servers that we will launch this week into: RUBINUM

      All of the former players from the closed p-server are invited to join us und become part of this great community. Build your character and storied on legal server, that will persist and are not in danger of being closed down over night. On our Rubinum you will have the chance to experience the one and only Metin2 with thousands of like-minded players and to benefit from numerous amazing events and a 100% boost to XP and Itemdrops.

      Your Metin2-Team
    • New

      Events Plan for the new server

      DateEvent 17:00-21:00 CEST21:00-23:00 CEST
      17/7Green Dragon BeanDragor
      18/7Blue Dragon BeanMoa
      19/7Cor DraconisTiger
      20/7Moonlight (general)Reindeer (M)
      21/7Hex BoxLion
      22/7Inventory ExpansionWolf
      23/7Fine ClothReindeer (F)
      24/7Enchant Item BDragor
      25/7Reinfore Item BMoa
      26/7Cor DraconisTiger
      27/7Chaos StoneReindeer (M)
      28/7Gift (violet)Lion
      29/7White Lion SealWolf
      30/7Magic Iron OreReindeer (F)
      31/7Passage TicketDragor

      -Please note that there will be a 60% discount for 4 weeks in the Premium box. (147 DC)
      -All drops are from Metins & Bosses except if marked as "general" drop.
      -The Summer event will be also running in this server along with the others.